Interaction between Algebra, Geometry and their applications in data protection and security, biology and epidemiology is very actual. Over the last thirty years there is an intensive research activity in this domain. Indeed interesting links between (algebraic) geometry and coding theory, group theory and computer science enhance new applicability to cryptography. More, using computing tools and algebraic packages, some open problems here begin to have some answers when at the same time new fundamental questions arise and more applications are found. This Workshop is yearly, and will serve as forum for researchers on theoretical, computational and applied aspect of Algebra, Geometry and their applications in Cryptography.

The main objectives of this annual workshop are to:
  • provide a platform for young mathematicians working on this domain to meet, discuss, present their individual work;
  • give participant opportunity to discover new horizons by familiarizing them with new development of the research in the domain (Algebra, Geometry) and related fields;
  • initiate the participants to the use of some computing packages to solve problems;
  • Inspire to participants more applications for our countries sustainable development.
At the end of this workshop, we will get more graduate and postgraduate students involved in research. This interest could attract more young students, namely women.

CRAG-2 follows the first annual meeting CRAG-1 which took place at the University of Ngaoundéré on September 27 – 29, 2011.